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A Time Of Power

We are right now setting on one of the greatest opportunities that this world has seen in these modern times. It is my revelation that the Power of God is ready to be released among us as never before in our lifetime. There are men and women of God that have spent time with God and broken themselves as vessels of God ready to outpour their precious oil of healing and regeneration onto this suffering planet. The humility that has been burned into your life will be the vessel of delivery for the healing of many. As I am writing this the Lord is showing me thousands of people that are waiting for this release of healing floodwaters like a broken dam that releases all of the water stored up behind it. These floodwaters will overflow and dominate the areas below the stored healing virtue. Man tries to control the reservoir of spirituality but God has had enough of that. For too long man has restricted the flow of God to mankind and has become a thief, stealing Gods glory. There is a halt quickly coming to that kind of activity. There is a purity returning to the things of God and a people are arising even as I am writing this short letter. I see teams going into areas and transformation sweeping through areas. If you are sharing a like vision please get in touch with this Ministry and let us know. We will begin to train and set up venues. Please be in prayer about this. If you can't go perhaps you could help sponsor a team to go. All I ask is for you to pray and then OBEY GOD. #STILLKEEPINGTHEFAITH


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