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For Such A Time As This

In the Book of Esther chpt. 4 vs.14 states "and who knoweth whether thou art come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?" There are so many things right now that seem uncertain and out of focus, but I am persuaded that we can come into alignment with the God of the universe, and began to bring a sense of balance back into the People of God. We are looking at all of the craziness that surrounds our planet right now and it is difficult to see any clear directives. This is all of the more reason that we must reach out past the natural and into the essence of Jesus to retrieve the necessary instructions for today. We have all heard for years of this great end time revival that would sweep our land and it certainly has seemed that we are moving further away rather than closer. Don't be fooled by the circumstances or the smoke and mirrors of darkness that presents itself as reality. We still have power over sin, power over disease, power over the satanic forces that are coming against the church of today. This comes only through a covenant relationship with Jesus. There is no replacement for covenant relationship.

This Revival that is coming will at first be different that many will expect. Let me paint a picture by looking around us at what is shaping up in the natural world. You see the natural will paint a picture of what is to come in the Spiritual realm. Right now on the political forefront we see a movement that we have not seen. This movement is not Democrats against Republicans because they are to coin a phrase from the same swamp. Our President now Donald Trump really isn't either Dem or GOP but rather an outsider businessman. while I can't say that I agree with many things that he does he is opening the door for the Church to stand back up and be recognized. We must remember we didn't vote him in the pulpit but rather the Whitehouse. We are seeing an upsurge of fundamental principals that seemed to be lost just a short time ago.

Here is the connection to the picture I just mentioned. This great end time revival will not be a flood of new souls in the kingdom but rather a realignment from the foundational souls with foundational truths of Spirituality rather than legalism. It is not going to be Oneness vs Trinitarians but a return of the Church to Jesus. Rev 2:4 Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou has left thy first love. It goes on to say in vs 5 repent and do thy first works over again or else. It End Time Revival will first be the Church returning to Jesus, then the souls coming in. We have a chance to be a part of that now. Lets Press In When the church get right with Jesus the REVIVAL will be powerful and Effective.

I want to thank everyone that supports our ministry that has been entrusted to us. We will begin sending out a monthly teaching CD for a Love offering of and size, and an ADDITIONAL Gift to our monthly supporters. You can donate at our Website or PayPal

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