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The Language of Creation

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

To speak creatively is the most basic concept that we have. Satan would love for us to forget that because of the power that it holds. God spoke the worlds into existence by the power of his voice. the very act of Preaching is through the spoken word. After all we are speaking to something right? We are not just speaking into the air but we have every intention for our words to be received. When we pray for someone we speak. When Jesus healed almost everyone he spoke words of Faith over them. Ezekiel was in the valley of dry bones and began to communicate with God. God asked him can these bones live? Ezekiel's answer was only you know Lord. The Lord said "prophesy to these bones" in other words speak to them Ezekiel. Live yeah I say Live were the words that came from Ezekiel's mouth and life came into the bones. You see it was not just because he said it but he said what God told him to say. When Peter and John encountered the lame man at the gate called Beautiful Peter spoke to him. The power of the received words from Peter straightened the lame mans ankles. When Moses interceded for Israel to Pharaoh he spoke. You see it wasn't just his words but rather the power behind those words. The Lord had sent Moses as a spokesman. When we speak according to the will of God there is commitment as well as obligation to what has been spoken. Our words are binding whether we realize it or not.

We must guard our words so as to make sure we speak life and not criticism. A critical word will tear down rather than build. Certainly we realize some things must be torn down but never left that way. Becoming a builder will create life for all that have ears to hear. We must speak words of encouragement and bring people above where they are. Bringing people out of their situations into the light of God will change not only them but those that are connected. Praise God, Praise God, Praise God Speak Life Speak Love Speak Power. #STILLKEEPINGTHEFAITH

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